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All Struggle Ends here! This "short-cut" organic treatment permanently makes the skin soft, smooth and beautiful again

And Yes, we've used it to transform the beautiful stories of over 3,575+ Individuals who passed through what you are obviously going through and You too will experience such result in no time and regain your beauty and self confidence.

This Revolutionary Organic Kit contains powerful product that helps to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenates the outer skin layer, sootens and smoothens the skin while eliminating the appearance of acne, dark spot, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes

Here is what to expect in The "Acne/Pimple Treatment Kit"👇

Purifying Cleansing Gel

Eliminates Impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oil, infused with natural Salicylic acid, Tea Tree and Lavender Essential oil to prevent acne/pimples, black head, white head, reduce oil production on the face, water soluble emollients to prevent drying.

This is great for Oily skin prone to breakouts. 

This Wash is very effective to dry pimples, with consistent usage the pimples/acne start drying after 3 days

Spirulina Detoxifying 2 in 1 Face Polish

Our Face Polish act as a gentle Facial Scrub as well as mask, Spirulina is great for acne/pimples as it detoxifies the face of all impurities, while Kaolin clay work deep to draw out excess oil, our blend of natural powders do wonders to slough off dead skin.

Your face gets immediate skin clarity, purification, smoothness and pore shrink. It is a mask and a scrub.

Anti-Acne Cream

This product contains aloe barbadensis, Salicylic Acid, Neem Oil, Boabab oil, allantoin, and niacinamide that soothe your skin. It targets acne and breakouts (pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads) and gives you clear smooth skin in just a few days.

Acne Black Soap

African Black Soap, an honored beauty secret is combined with an array of plant extracts, oil and conditioning agent to exfoliate the skin and clear it of Acne, Pimples, breakouts and fade black spots

Age Defying Brightening Facial Moisturizer

Luxurious, soft, easy/fast penetration Moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated, tighten pores, control sebum, even facial tone, our anti-aging ingredients would keep your face free from wrinkles, to give a youthful look. Our Anti Spot ingredient would help clear the marks of pimples, while our natural brightening ingredient would keep the face glowing.

What Happen If You Use This Astonishing Treatment Kit?

  • This organic product contains powerful incredients that help to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the outer skin layer and smoothens the skin... Now you can have those flawless and good looking skin you have been longing for.
  • Boost Your Confidence And Social Life
    Those Acne and dark spot that have been postponing your social and love life all this agonizing years, Finally it will put an end to your emotional anguish once and for all

But, Don't Just Take Our Words For It, Read What People From Across The Country who used "The Acne/Pimple Treatment Kithad to say👇

Ganiyat Musa // Lagos

I have tried several over-the-counter and special product order over three years and have not received the type of response this amazing Organic kit has given me. i was able to fade away those acne scar on my face. This amazing kit did the trick ! and i have order my next supply. It is a God-sent. Thank you."

Oluwaseyi Saidat // Ibadan

"I am writing to tell you just happy i am with your Amazing Kit . Since i have been using it, those dark spot on my face have finally brightened up . That was in 2 weeks of usage. It really worked for me. Thanks again." 

Peace Joseph // Kaduna

"I initially responded to your ad fully expecting to take advantage of your money back guarantee offer, but as i neared the end of 30 days supply, i found myself re-ordering, rather than asking for my money back "the acne and dark spot kit" really does work 100%."

Oyza Ighor  // Kaduna

"At the end of the month i couldn't believe my eyes, i can now walk around freely and confidently. i no more shy away from strangers  even my friends can't believe it"

But wait, Will this solution work for you.?

YES! YES! and YES!


I had to answer "YES" for the 3rd time because this is not the first time I will be meeting individuals who finally blamed themselves for all the money wasted on fancy products that never met their expectation but rather causing more harm.



If you are one of those individuals and you are tired of buying beauty solutions that never worked, I want you to pay an undivided attention 



Sadly, many cosmetologists continue to recommend creams and tubes that end up giving you several side effect due to the harsh chemical substance in those products which later lead to several complications.



Frankly speaking, they all know the truth but will continue to hide it from you



You know why? 



They need to make money off you because they have got piles of bills to pay



Now, I want you to tell me the truth,

Do you really want to remove these acne that continues to flaw your beauty and make those part of your body to look irritating when seen by others?


Of course, i believe your answer is "Yes"?


If not, you wouldn't read up to this point if you don't want to get rid of any form of uneven and struggling skin conditions that later leave a scar to your once flawless skin.

Now the good news is,

This will be your final Bus-stop, destination or any name you can give it.


So, there's no need to worry anymore because:


This "short-cut" Natural treatment is for you and it can help you get quick result just in a week of proper usage...



And yes, we've been using it to transform the beauty story of so many people who passed through what you are obviously going through right now. I want to assure you same result in no time.

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we will, because we are absolutely sure this amazing new product will work perfectly for you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try this Extraordinary Acne/pimple & dark spot kit as directed for 30 days Just to get you to give this amazing treatment a Trial. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled and delighted with your toss of weight and inches, simply let us know and we will send your money back.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the estimated delivery time?

We deliver products to customers all over Nigeria. Lagos 24-48 hours stipulated time, Other State 2-4 days. 

What is the choice of payment?

We offer a Pay on delivery which means as you get your product, you make physical cash payment.

Please don't order if you are only playing around, if you won't be available to pick you calls or if you don't have the money yet.

We are paying the courier companies that will bring this product to your location, just to save you from internet frauds and if you play with that, you make us lose more money.

What happens if anything goes wrong with my delivery?

If a wrong or damaged item is delivered to you, not to worry. Your refund will be processed as quickly as possible.

Does the "Acne & dark spot kit" have any side effect?

No. it doesn’t

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